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Dhoran 5 ane 8 ma vidyarthione Napas karva babat Jahernamu

Dhoran 5 ane 8 ma vidyarthione Napas karva babat Jahernamu

The initiative of "Gyankunj" project has been launched by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Gujarat on 5thSeptember, 2017 - Teacher’s Day to accelerate the efforts of Government of Gujarat in the area of digital education inspired from the vision of Digital India. The project is implemented in 1,609 Government primary schools, having interactive e-class developed with smart boards using technology in 3173 classrooms of class V to VIII.. Total 2.85 Lakh students of Class V to VIII are taking advantage of this initiative.

What is "Gyankunj" Model?

Gyankunj is a school digitalization programme to enhance classroom interactivity and teaching-learning process with the help of technology tools, like Projector, Interactive Infrared Camera, Laptop, Speaker, Whiteboard, Wi-Fi Router Extender etc. It aims to reinforce teaching-learning and evaluation process.It includes,

Interactive e-Class with smart board developed through technology at school level
Facilities of projector, infrared camera, laptop, speaker, smart board, Wi-Fi router in 3173 classrooms of Std.7 and Std.8 at 1609 Government Primary Schools across the State
Provided 10,000 tablets to students of std.7 and std.8 at 100 schools for learning without burden
Teaching-learning through e-Content and resources available through internet for Std.5 to 8
Ease of curriculum understanding through technology

To enhance classroom interactivity through advancement in teaching-learning process for Teachers and Students
To reinforce teaching, learning and evaluation process with use of technology
To make ease of understanding for each unit of curriculum in classroom itself by using technology as a medium

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