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September Teacher Day Press Note Education Department 2019

September Teacher Day Press Note Education Department 2019  

Teachers’ Day is being celebrated in India from 1962 to 5 September. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born on this day, the great educationist and former Vice President of India.

5 September Teacher Day Press Not 2019

Radhakrishnan has made a huge contribution to India’s education sector. He believed that ‘a teacher’s brain is the best brain in the country’. Once some of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s students and friends told him that he wanted to celebrate his birthday.

In response to this, Dr. Radha Krishnan said that instead of celebrating my birthday separately, I would feel proud if it would be celebrated as Teacher’s Day. After this, Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 5 September in India. On this day we remember this great educationist and say a respectful thanks to all our teachers who have lit the lamp of knowledge in our lives. A teacher is a person who explains not only education but also the difference between understanding and right and wrong of the world.

Importance of Teacher’s Day

This day is very important for our society. On this day, we honor our teachers and boost their morale and appreciate their work. Children are the future of society and a teacher plays an important role in making those children a good person.

Without a teacher, no accountant, doctor, pilot, engineer or in any field can go. Teacher’s Day is also needed because children and their parents are able to understand the importance of a teacher in society, and they should understand that without education they cannot be identified. Also, only a teacher can give real knowledge of education.

Teacher Day Press Not Education Department

Teachers are the part of this society, because of which this society is created. To make a child better and socially, a teacher does this and the teacher needs to understand this basic duty and his teacher’s day is needed to boost his morale towards his work. Dr. Radhakrishnan knew the importance of the teacher very well because he had an understanding of education and its importance.

Dr. Radha Krishnan’s birthday is celebrated not only as his birthday but also for respect for teachers and for awakening the consciousness of education in society and people.

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