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Download Ok Credit Android apps for manage Account

Download Ok Credit Android apps for  manage Account

OkCredit is your online ledger/khata book to keep customer dues balances after sales on credit. Its WhatsApp like simple interface and experience makes it very easy to track credit (उधार) account balances for shop owners and also sends a balance alerts to the customers.

Ab Hisaab, bina Kitaab with OkCredit, the best Mobile Khata book with additional WhatsApp reminders and online collection features for advanced users.

Benefits of using Ok Credit mobile app to replace traditional bahi khata book are many.
1. It helps you know your business performance with the most loyal customers for whom you extend credit facility on your mobile, anytime with 1 click.
2. Your credit collection becomes faster as the customers start paying back in time and help you grow your business.
3. Customers are happy with the new automatic balance alert experience and can pay online after reminders on SMS/WhatsApp.
4. Automatic online data backup with 100% privacy & security with an option to download account statement

Business owners and merchants dealing in sale and purchase of different business categories can use OkCredit App. Any small and medium business doing sales on credit will find it beneficial for their business and grow monthly profits.
1. Mobile Recharge, eMitra, Money Transfer
2. Electronics, Electrical & Hardware
3. Kirana Shop/General Store/Grocery Store/Provision Store
4. Bakery, Sweet, Snacks and Juice Shops
5. Medical Store/ Local Pharmacy
6. Paan, Tea
7. Personal Credit Book Keeping
8. Jewellery, gold silver ornaments
9. Medical, Pharmacy
10. Garments, tailor shop
11. Wholesalers
12. Distributors
13. Dairy
14. Micro-finance

Forget fear of NO CREDIT and enjoy the ease, simplicity and reliability of OK CREDIT.

Advantages of using OkCredit digital ledger against paper based udhaar bahi khata book

  • FAST : View any customer dues in 1-click
  •  REMINDER : Send payment reminder on whatsapp anytime
  •  AUTOMATIC : All transactions are added automatically
  •  ACCURATE : No totalling mistakes with inbuilt calculator
  • 100% SAFE : OTP verified account access
  •  MOBILE : Add credit/payment anytime, anywhere
  •  FREE : No monthly charges
  • BACKUP: Automatic online & PDF backup
  •  PROOF OF BUSINESS : Customer gets a free SMS update for all credit and payment transaction

OkCredit helps keep track of credit balances and transaction summary(Len Den Byora). Merchants(App Users) can use Ok Credit application to record credit and debit/payment for their trusted customers. Also, there is no fear of losing records as all data is backed up online against your phone number based account and can be recovered by a simple OTP authentication on a new device later on.

Customers get transaction updates via SMS. They can view their balance and transaction history at a unique link in the SMS. The lender can also send pending dues reminders to the other party. OkCredit is a very simple business accounting software application for the owners of nano, micro, small and medium businesses. You can see their total credit in the market. Also, you can track your account statement for past transactions.

Start using OkCredit App today to say good bye to the hassles and headache of managing credit accounts (vahi khata) with pen, paper and calculator.

Some other regional names of Udhar Bahi Khata where OkCredit can be used directly.

1. Credit Debit Entry Book
2. Leva Deva
3. Levad Devad
4. Ugarani Chukavani
5. Udhar Jama Register
6. Credit Debit App
7. Debit Credit Ledger
8. Basic Accounting Register
9. Ugarani Book
10. Ledger Book
11. Khata Diary
12. LenDen Diary
13. Len-Den Book
14. Udhaari
15. Khaata
16. Khata book
17. Bahi Khata


Download Ok Credit App from here

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