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UIDAI banned Aadhaar card change, can now be renamed only 2 times

UIDAI banned Aadhaar card change, can now be renamed only 2 times

In addition to the creation of AIDAI Aadhaar card, it also gives the holders the facility to update it. However, holders have to pay a small amount to update the information. With this, there are some changes to the rules for updating the Aadhar card with UIDAI. UIDAI forbids updating some information in the Aadhaar card. That is, the holder can no longer convert some of their information to Aadhaar card. In addition, holders will only have one or two chances to update some information. That is, UIDAI has also determined how often one information can be updated now.

Now UIDAI has changed the rules for updating Aadhar card name, gender and date of birth. Under the new rules, Aadhaar card holders can change their name only twice. Often women change their names after getting married or if now for some other reason the name change has to be changed only twice. Gender and birth date can only be changed once. Holders of this change can be made online by visiting the official website of UIDAI or by visiting the Aadhaar Center with the help of an officer.


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