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Language is like a flowing stream. The language is constantly evolving. With regard to the Gujarat Official Language Act, 181, the great task of making the language of the entire administration popular was completed. As Gujarati is the official language, the administration of the state has become more and more popular. The scope of government activities has increased due to various concrete works of the government as well as expansion of many horizons of development. Therefore, this office published a ‘Trilingual Administrative Dictionary (English Gujarati - Hindi) in 19th. The dictionary has been awarded the 'Sanskar Award' for the purpose of maintaining equality at the national level. Gujarati synonyms of English


administrative words used in state administration can be easily learned from this dictionary. Due to the prevalence and development of Gujarati as the official language of the state, many new administrative words have been developed, discovered and adopted in Gujarati ls a result, there is an urgent need for a dictionary of Gujarati administrative words. Inquiries and demands for the publication of such a dictionary were constant from some government departments / offices and individuals as in some cases they have to correspond with the State Government, Central Government, High Courts and the Supreme Court in English. But Gujarati-English administrative dictionary was not available. Therefore, English synonyms of Gujarati administrative words could not be found. In view of this long standing need, work was undertaken to prepare a Gujarati-English administrative dictionary as per the approval received from the General Administration Department of the Government of Gujarat. Under the chairmanship of the Director of Languages, a committee of five language experts from various fields was formed and as a member secretary, the Deputy Director of Languages, Shri L.K. The work of this dictionary has been done properly under the directional guidance of Rohit. Over a period of about five years, the committee has finalized the Gujarati language and its English synonyms. This includes Gujarati words used in the day-to-day administration of the state and central government as well as the courts from the gram panchayat. English of various Gujarati words used in medical, information, communication, media, technology as well as modern science etc.


Synonyms are also included, some of which have English meanings in French. It is recommended to keep the alphabet of Gujarati words in this dictionary as per 'Sarth Gujarati J Dani Kosh', but due to the limitations of the caterpillar, the order of compound words, loose words as well as the words with short lines could not be maintained as per 'Sarth Spelling Dictionary'. A computer CD of this dictionary has also been prepared as per the computerization policy of the state government. In addition to Gujarati-English language consultants, the concerned officers and employees of the research branch of the office have also done a sincere and commendable job to make the dictionary as useful as possible. I sincerely thank all the consultants, experts, officers and staff who have helped in preparing this dictionary in one way or another. The following members have rendered their honorary services in preparing this dictionary. 1. Shri Pankajbhai Jani, Principal, Commerce College, Gandhinagar, 2. Shri Trikambhai Patel, Retired Professor. . Mr. K. like this . Magyu, Professor, Commerce College, Gandhinagar. . Shri Kundanlal G. Vyas, retired professor. . Shri Dinesh Chandra Ravaj, Retired Professor, 2. Mr. Ba, M. Shah, Retired Deputy Director of Languages. . Mr. A, B, Rathod, Retired Assistant Language Director. I would also like to thank the officers / staff of Udyog Bhavan Gandhinagar for happily completing the work of computer protection of this dictionary. Finally, I am indebted to the Vadodara Central Press for providing this neat and beautiful seal of this cell. It is hoped that this dictionary will be useful and helpful to all government officials / employees as well as translators.

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