How to Download Aadhar Card Using Your Mobile Phone Easily?

How to Download Aadhar Card Using Your Mobile Phone Easily?

According to today’s situation of India, aadhar card is considered as the very important document that every citizen of India should have. It is the identity of every people in India.

It is also used as identity proof, address proof etc… and it is linked to many of our things such as mobile number, driving licence, ration card etc… So, at this situation its very important to have your aadhad card in your pocket.

But wait a moment, at this grow technology of digital media, we have all our basic necessities in our mobile phone like money transfer, shopping, paying bills, recharge etc… So no need of having credit cards or debit cards in your pocket. But what about aadhar card.

And additionally there is a chance of forgetting your purse or files at home. But it is impossible to forget your mobile phone. No one does soo…

Hence if we have a chance of having our aadhar card in our mobile phone. isn’t that cool. And the good news is yes, you can…

Justin follow the steps below.

Step 1:
Open the chrome browser in your mobile.
Visit ‘’ website. (Direct link given below of this article)
Scroll down and there you can see ‘download aadhar’.
Click on it.

Step 2:
Next page will be opened. There you can see an important note. Read it carefully.( There will be a password for opening your aadhar card which will have 4 alphabets of your name and your birth year).
After reading click X mark in top right of notificati

Step 3:
If you have enrollment, then you can go with your enrollment by writing Id number, pin code and name. If not you can go with aadhar number by clicking on aadhar.
Enter your aadhar number, full name and pin code.
Below there is an image text, write it down the characters below in the column as it is in the image.
Now cross check the information once again.
Click on ‘Get one time password’.
And click agree and confirm.

Step 4:
Now you will be getting a OTP to the mobile number which is linked to your aadhar card.
Enter the OTP below.
And scroll down and you can choose any options from the survey.
Click on ‘download’.

Now your aadhar card will be downloaded to your mobile. But for opening this you have to enter a password.

The password consists of 8 characters in which first 4 is the first 4 alphabet of your name( Ex: If the name is Manjunath then first 4 characters are- manj) and the second 4 characters is your birth year( Ex: 1997). Enter this without any space or capital letter. (Ex: MANJ1997).

After this click done. Now you can see your aadhar card in your mobile phone.

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