Maths all symbol superb information pdf

 Maths all symbol superb information pdf

Mathematical symbols are used to perform various functions. Symbols make it easy to refer to math quantities. It is interesting to note that mathematics is entirely based on numbers and symbols. The symbols of mathematics not only refer to different quantities but also represent the relationship between two quantities. Mathematical symbols are mainly used to conduct mathematical operations under various concepts. As we know, the concept of mathematics relies purely on numbers and symbols.

Maths has many symbols that have some predefined value. To simplify expressions, we can use those types of values ​​instead of symbols. Some examples are symbols of pi (π), which have a value of 22/7 or 3.17, and an e-symbol in maths that holds the value e = 2.718281828…. This symbol is known as the E-constant or Euler's constant. The table below lists all the common math symbols with meanings and examples.


A reference line about which an object, point, or line is drawn, rotated, or measured. In a symmetric shape, an axis is usually a line of symmetry.


A coefficient is a number or quantity that multiplies another quantity. It is usually placed before a variable. In the expression 6x, 6 is the coefficient and x is the variable.


The circumference is the length of the distance around the edge of a circle. It is a type of circumference that is unique to the spherical shape. For more information, see our page on curved shapes.

The data

Data is a collection of values, information or attributes, often numerical in nature. They can be collected by scientific experiment or other observational means. They can be quantitative or qualitative variables. The datum is the single value of a single variable. See our page on types of data for more.

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