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Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Ayurvedic E-Books in Gujarati Treasure of Ayurvedic Gujarati Book

Principles of first aid

Primary care is the immediate and temporary care of the patient which gives relief to the patient before receiving medical treatment. The main goal of giving first aid should be clear in the mind of the person giving such relief. It is as follows:

# Save lives.

Prevent further injury or illness.

= Relieving pain or other symptoms.

= Arrange for medical treatment as early as possible.

In order to provide first aid accurately, it is necessary to have the necessary information about it (which is described in detail in this book) but in addition, the treatment provider needs to develop the following skills.

The art of observation:

A closer look at the patient and the things around him can reveal his problems and solutions.

Efficiency and tact

A clear understanding of what the treatment is and the ability to make the treatment a success by giving the necessary guidance to the patient and those around him. Cultivating it requires meditating and practicing treatable events.


The principles of first aid can be understood by reading books, but in reality the situation at the scene is different from what is described in the book. How you work there depends on the healer's understanding.

Confidence and well-being: Healthy and confident treatment can provide comfort to the patient and his / her relatives. Never do the wrong embarrassment and highway work, on the contrary can get worse.

General rules for giving first aid

= Arrive at the scene of an accident with immediate, necessary supplies.

= Decide who to give first aid when more than one patient is injured. Treat those whose lives are in danger first. That is, one who is short of breath or walks weakly; Who is constantly bleeding; Have a severe state of shock; A person who is surrounded by an environment that is more likely to be injured, such as a person in a building that has caught fire, a person who has been exposed to debris or an electric shock; Severe injuries to delicate body parts such as the brain, heart, and chest; All such patients need immediate rescue.

# There is an urgent need to give artificial respiration or stop bleeding when breathing has slowed down or there is a lot of bleeding and it should be taken first hand. After inspecting all the remaining injuries and asking the patient about the problems, decide which issues to treat when and how important.

= Sending someone to arrange medical treatment rather than first aid.

And arrange for the patient to be relocated if needed.

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# Contacting neighbors or neighbors for help. Reporting to the police in serious cases. To inform the relatives of the patient, if there is an unconscious patient, to know his address from his wallet etc. and to call the concerned. When the patient is conscious, first of all get the details of his name, address, phone number, relatives etc. so that if he becomes unconscious then it will work.

# Do not move the patient unnecessarily, do not take off his clothes unnecessarily, but need to loosen his collar, pants, shirt etc.

# Keep a sheet or blanket to keep the patient warm. Lay it down in as comfortable a position as possible.

# It is very important to treat the patient with tolerance and give comfort so that the patient also has the morale to cope with the situation.

# Do not allow unnecessary people to gather around the patient. Assigning something to the people gathered on top of it so that unnecessary people get to work or leave.

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