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Heritage of India

        ***. Heritage of India. ***

1. State the features of India. Introduce India in terms of culture.

The ancient Indian scripture 'Vishnupuran' mentions the name 'Bharatvarsha' for India.

The words 'Bharatvarsha', 'Bharatkhand', 'Jambudvip', 'Aryavarta' etc. are used in the resolutions taken at the beginning of auspicious deeds in India.    

India has natural boundaries like the Himalayas to the north and the sea to the east, west and south.

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India ranks seventh in the world in terms of area and population

Has a second place. India has given us and the people of the world a rich and diverse cultural heritage.

2. Our heritage passed from one generation to another. Give reason

India has been a vast and prosperous country since ancient times.

Attracted by the prosperity of our country, many foreigners came to do business, settled down and merged into the great river of Indian culture.

Many changes have taken place in the country through this exchange process.

Thus, our heritage was passed on from one generation to another and it continued to grow.

3. Explain the meaning of culture in detail. What is culture? Explain.

‘Culture is the way of life’.

‘Culture is the cultivation of the human mind’.

Culture is the evolutionary journey of mankind from cave to home.

Culture includes the way of life of any community.

Culture is the sum of human society's habits, values, attitudes, religious traditions, living habits and ideals that lead life to the highest goal.

The culture of different society is formed by the changes, reforms, social policy and customs etc. that come in the folk life according to the time and circumstances in the country or society

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