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25 Fashionable groom dress for reception

 25 Fashionable groom dress for reception

Gone are the days when some staple pieces were all grooms could wear for their wedding or reception days. In recent times, some wonderful designers have totally changed the game of groom dress for reception for good. If you go through the pinterest or instagram feed, you are sure to get mesmerized by the regal and sophisticated outfits that grooms these days style themselves in.

But before we dive into the gallery of some stunning Indian groom dress for reception, let us bust some of the common fashion mistakes grooms do, while dressing up for their day.

Common mistakes while styling groom dress for reception.

👉 Wearing too much shine

Indian wears dont always mean all shimmers. You must choose designs that have balanced all the bling. Too much glimmer can totally ruin any look, irrespective of how much money you have spent.

Having a baggy get up

Do not, under any scenario, commit this grave fashion offence! Even if you are wearing Indian clothes. When shopping for Indian wedding reception dress for groom whether online or offline, be sure you get the right size. If you want to appear your best, your clothes should not be too tight or too loose!! When it comes to Indian groom wear for wedding, fitting is extremely fundamental.

Forgetting the accessories

Accessories may seem to be a not so important part of your get up. But trust me, it can totally make or ruin your look. Little things do matter. The way you style your dress with proper accessories like shoes, watches, pocket squares etc is important.

Doing salon the day just before the date

Another blunder many grooms make is by going to the salon just one day before the wedding. A typical hair cut or beard style takes at least five to seven days to get adjusted to your face.

Picking up just anything

Here are some big no-no`s in terms of groom dress for reception. 

Fixed pocket squares

Too much Contrast pipings

Heavy worked big curve necks

મધ્યાહન ભોજન સપ્તાહમાં એક વાર બાજરીના લોટની વાનગી પીરસશે ન્યૂઝ પર નજર અહીથી વાંચો સમાચાર 

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