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Khel Mahakumbh 2023 - 24 Registration, Games List, Age Limit, Schedule


Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh:- The 11th iteration of the Khel Mahakumbh was inaugurated in Ahmedabad on March 12, 2023, by Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. At ખેલ મહાકુંભ, participants and Divyang players from all across the state can compete against one another in a range of games. More than Rs. 30 crores in prize money will be awarded to winners as motivation to compete in the Khel Mahakumbh 2023. Read below to check the detailed information related to Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh.

Khel Mahakumbh Gujarat 2023

In the state of Gujarat, the Sports Authority will host a Khel Mahakumbh competition. The state administration of Gujarat’s territory has given the Gujarat Sports Authority’s proposal its complete support. Guj Maru Mahakumbh Khel Both the government and the general people benefit from these sports. Through sports, one is able to maintain a high level of mental and physical wellness. Engaging in such activities helps keep one in excellent physical condition and discourages children from engaging in illegal activities (such as illegal drug use, etc.). This makes the ખેલ મહાકુંભ ગુજરાત Sports Authority project appear like a really good idea.

Khelo India Games

ખેલ મહાકુંભ Details in Highlights

Name Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh

Inaugurated by Gujarat Governor Acharya Devvrat, Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Bhupendra Patel, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Authority Name Gujarat Information of Sports and Training, Sports University

Slogan A platform where talent meets passion

Mode Online & Offline

State Gujarat

Event Venue Ahmedabad

Official Website https://khelmahakumbh.gujarat.gov.in/

Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh– Key Dates

Following are the important key dates for the ખેલ મહાકુંભ ગુજરાત:

Events Key Date

Registration Starting Date 18th February 2023

Registration Status Closed

School/Village level competition Dates 14th March 2023 to 18th March 2023

Taluka level competition Dates 20th March 2023 to 26th March 2023

District/Municipal competition Dates 20th March 2023 to 26th March 2023

District/ Municipal level competition Dates

(for players who have won from the Taluka level) 03rd April 2023 to 12th April 2023

Zonal level competition 14th April 2023 to 19th April 2023

State-level competition 14th April 2023 to 29th April 2023

Statistics for the Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh

See the table below for more information on the current estimate for Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh 2023:

Particulars Total

Registrations 5579888

Female Registrations 2367957

Male registrations 3211931

Team registrations 206613

Women’s team 80451

Men’s team 126162

Promotion for Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh

The ખેલ મહાકુંભ ગુજરાત was held after a two-year hiatus, making it challenging for the government to entice state inhabitants to participate. The advertising division of Sports University came up with a number of tactics to promote events more widely, including the following:

Many banners and signs with information about Khel Mahakumbh 2023 have been placed along the sides of the highways.

Both the Indian Prime Minister and state cabinet members highlighted the Khel Mahakumbh in posts on their social media pages.

Participants received copies of this information in their native language as well as in English.

Many forms of advertising, including pamphlets, seminars, and webinars, were used to promote Khel Mahakumbh 2023.

Eligibility Criteria for Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh

The applicants applying for Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

The participant must be both a state resident and an Indian national by law.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement to compete in the Khel Mahakumbh games.

Even a youngster as young as 9 years old or an elderly person as old as 60 are permitted to register on the Khel Mahakumb portal and take part in the games.

There are numerous, uniquely designed Games for various age groups.

Gujarat Two Wheeler Scheme

ખેલ મહાકુંભ Sports List

Even if each sport (game) has its own advantages, fan base, and rules, there are still many that we are not aware of. The government therefore decided to include them in the event’s sports list in order to raise awareness of them among the audience. The following list of games’ names is provided:


Lawn Tennis





Table Tennis

Artistic Skating

Shooting (Rifle & Shotgun)





Tug-of-war (Pull the Tow)






Football, etc.

Gujarat Khel Mahakumbh Awards

Players who win in the sports in which they competed will receive the finalized cash rewards. The top three winners will get prizes according to their Taluka or District level. A monetary prize of Rs. 1.5 lakh, Rs. 1 lakh, and Rs. 75,000 will be given to the district-level winner, second-place finisher, and third-place finisher, respectively. A cash prize of Rs. 75,000 will also be given to the person who finishes first at the Taluka level, along with cash awards of Rs. 15,000 for second place and Rs. 10,000 for third.

Steps to Register for Khel Mahakumbh Gujarat

To register for ખેલ મહાકુંભ ગુજરાત, the user needs to follow the below given steps:

First of all, go to the official website of Khel Mahakumbh i.e., https://khelmahakumbh.gujarat.gov.in/

The homepage of the website will open on the screen

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